Craig Van Sickle has written, produced and directed television in Hollywood going on 30 plus years. He's written (with Steve Mitchell) over 40 TV pilot scripts and collaborated with George Lucas, Stephen King, George Clooney, Stephen J. Cannell, Vince Gilligan, to name but a few. Craig is a creator/showrunner whose series work includes Alien Nation, The Flash, The Pretender, 24NCIS  and the Emmy Award-winning Wizard of Oz reimagining, Tin Man


"My scripTVisions creed is simply this; I have been blessed in my career as a writer/producer and now want to share my experience by helping writers grow their scriptwriting skills. Your work will only be seen by me and kept totally confidential. My pledge is to provide professional mentoring and thorough feedback that guides your work toward success in the television industry."  

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When it comes to getting feedback on your TV script,

 only ONE question matters: WHO is evaluating your writing?  

An assistant? An intern? An anonymous reader-for-hire?

Not here.

 At scripTVisions the answer is easy.

I am.







Guaranteed 10 hours of development consulting,
from concept to final script.

Phone and note consultation tailored to your specific needs.

All story/script options include an industry-standard  summary sheet.

Second draft notes on any of the Story/Script Consulting options above: 25% off.

All scripts consulted on are automatically entered into the script competition unless otherwise requested.

Let's launch your TV career!


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Please email your comments or questions below. I'll get right back to you!

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But who the heck am I?



Craig will hold competitions twice each year.

Winning scripts will be introduced to The Gersh Agency, one of the entertainment industry's most respected agencies.

Winning scripts will also be shared with select television industry executives.

This option guarantees you one submission in the script competition without notes.

Annual December 1 deadline for January winning announcement.

Annual May 1 deadline for June winning announcement.


Craig will focus consulting on any topic of  your choosing.

Feedback on your episodic series spec story ideas, original pilot script concepts,

main characters, log line, themes, practice pitch,

advice on the entertainment business or career planning in TV writing - to name a few.​

(Consultations via telephone. Hour can be broken into two calls if you prefer. )

First ten pages of your script with PDF notes or via phone (recommended) - $50
Pitch document analysis with PDF notes or via phone (recommended) - $50
Story outline (max. 20 pages double spaced) with PDF notes or via phone (recommended) - $100

Script draft (max. 60 pages) with PDF notes or via phone (recommended) - $200

Rapid response (72 hour turnaround) for any of the Story/Script options add - $200

Craig's consulting options mirror the process used to develop new projects in today's TV industry.